My Broken Palace

a few months ago i heard about the good people over at My Broken Palace and i’m quickly falling in love with all they have to offer hurting students. it’s more than a website… it’s a place where hurting teens can go 24/7 to know they’re not alone in their pain. if you work with students, this is a good place to point your teens in their time of need.

here’s a few videos to generate some interest.  head to the site itself for more!

i’d love to know in the comments what else is out there right now to help students navigate their pain and hurt?


4 thoughts on “My Broken Palace

  1. I admire the work of the people at The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is “a national 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for gay and questioning youth.” They’ve saved countless lives.

  2. There are so many hurting young people. If My Broken Palace can reach any of them, it is very worthwhile.

    And I think Zack J. makes a good point. Often the hurt, the desperation that drives people to consider suicide is a result of perceptions surrounding their sexual orientation. Teaching about sexual morality which is not carefully expressed can lead young people to think that the church says God hates them merely because they are attracted to people of the same sex — even if they struggle with those attractions and never engage in sexual behavior. They can feel rejected by family and church. They can feel that there is no hope for them, that they can never please God.

    I think the church needs to treat homosexual temptation like other forms of temptation and homosexual sin like other forms of sexual sin, rather than making pariahs of this one group of people who are tempted and this one group of people who sin. It would be great if My Broken Palace would include a link to The Trevor Project. IMO it would not be an endorsement of homosexual behavior, but a reasonable acknowledgment of the large number of situations where the hurt is related to orientation.

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