what a ride it’s been lately… here’s some random things popping around my head lately:

1. i could stare at her all day. and i kinda have been, actually. it’s been so nice today having our first full day with Adelina at home. it’s crazy to think that she’s here after all this time, and we’re so thankful to God for bringing her safely into our world. because it took so long to get pregnant, i think we both just assumed there’d be major issues with the pregnancy, labor, and delivery… and so when there wasn’t, we’ve been reeling with excitement and joy.

2. i feel so overwhelmed and grateful. the outpouring of love and support this week has been so encouraging. house cleaning flash mobs, lots of food deliveries, family making delicious meals to just throw in the oven, flowers, visits, prayers, and random gifts that have blown us away. it was moving to see a couple friends from the church stop by the hospital, hold our little girl, and tear up as they prayed for her and for us. true community in action, and we feel super loved on!

3. another special surprise at the hospital. moments before leaving the hospital, we bumped into a familiar face in the hallway – our social worker from the adoption! she “happened” to be there at that time visiting someone just down the hall, and it was so great to catch up and introduce her to Adelina. adoption still beats heavy in our hearts, and we can’t wait to be able to get back into that world soon!

4. ‘You Own The Sunday’ series. tomorrow we kick off a brand new series with the students where each week students from a specific school unite together to “own” all elements of the service… from the greeting to the tech and worship to the preaching. the goal is not just to put on a quality service, but to do so specifically for the rest of the people at their school that don’t attend church. i’ll blog about it more, but the coolest thing to see has been our connected teens’ enthusiasm in inviting their friends to church, a step that for many has been a big one. here’s one facebook post i just saw that put a smile to my face!

5. Shari’s Berries and Edible Arrangements. we received a delivery from each since we’ve been home… and they are SOOOOOO good! the chocolate covered strawberries are incredible, and the flower-bouquet-looking fruit pile is super creative.


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