2 Very Powerful Words

as i walked into the office this morning and sifted through the big, ugly pile of emails waiting for me, i was reminded of the power of two words that the volunteers serving under me probably don’t hear enough: “thank you“.  being easter weekend, there was a boatload of events held in the church building, and one of the email threads was in relation to some pizza (go figure) and soda left uncleaned up after an event. apparently someone on a different team in the church had to take on the role of janitor and serve outside their calling. the culprit is still unknown and the hunt is still on… 🙂

what i’m NOT saying here is that we shouldn’t clean up after ourselves. or that we shouldn’t be willing to clean up after others. or that we shouldn’t send out an email to follow up on the oversight.

but i think we all know the reality that more often than not, our volunteers are way more likely to get a “why didn’t you clean up after yourself?” email as opposed to a “thank you for all you did this weekend” email.

an appreciated and encouraged volunteer is more likely to stick around long-term.

here’s the email i sent in to the volunteers under me:

Thank you guys for all that you do month after month for our ________.  I don’t think we say thanks enough, but I’m so pleased and thankful for you guys and the “landing spot” you’re creating for our ___________.  I know many times all you may hear is “who left the pizza on the floor” lol, but please know we’re grateful and appreciative of all you’re doing.  It was great to see _________ there for the [event] the other night.

who in your world needs a little extra encouragement today?


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