Preaching Hurts

so i’m sitting here in star bucks trying to hash out some final prep for tonights talk at flower city work camp. it’s been such a privilege to be able to play a small part in this amazing week. the whole event is such a “machine”… so many hands and so many people from churches all over Rochester uniting to use their gifts for God’s glory… truly an amazing sight and a highlight of my year!

but i’m feeling a burden right now. tonight’s message is probably the toughest one to give simply because of the weight of the content. my heart in typing this is not to illicit anything, but to simply state that sometimes, preaching hurts.

the way God works in the hearts of preachers is many times a difficult and emotional journey, and right now i’m feeling that. it reminds me of a quick hallway conversation i had a few weeks ago with another preacher friend. he was talking about how much of a “burden” he feels every sunday, and how that’s actually a very good thing. the day i no longer feel this heaviness is probably the day i need to get out of this thing.


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