Bullying: It’s A Big Problem

it used to be that a bully would have to do their business in person, around the lunch table, or on the walk home from school. but with the rise of social networking, more access points at virtually any time of day have been given, and the methods are more personal than ever. bullies now have instant access to post literally anything they want on their profile (or their victim’s) for all the world to see (and be tagged in… so they’re sure to see). it’s really turning into a big problem.

i recently posted the now famous “friday” music video by rebecca black, and this viral video has built it’s popularity in many ways off the hurtful, hate-filled comments from fellow teens. i understand and agree that it’s a terrible video and painful to watch (and every time i hear it now i wanna pull my toe nails out) …but at what point is it ok to fill the youtube comments with all kinds of vulgarity you’d never say to her face if you really knew her?

this past sunday as we wrapped up our “connected” series, we focused mostly on the bullying that many teens and young adults have faced in recent months, specifically those within the LGBT community. we hit on the fact that nobody should be hated on, regardless of what they believe, how different they are, etc. i read the news article of phoebe prince, and even had plans to show this video from president obama, but ran out of time.  a truly powerful moment seemed to emerge with this simple video of a girl named Alye. it’s a little raw and blunt, but it’s unfortunately part of her story.



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