If There Is No Other Way…I’m Ready

this morning i went to synergy – a monthly corporate prayer event at our church. during the first part, we were challenged to think about Christ’s sacrifice for us, and with Good Friday and Easter soon approaching, i decided to read the story of Gethsemane in matthew 26. it was one of those times where a verse you’ve read countless times before seems to come alive with new meaning and insight.

verse 42 from the MSG reads:

“My Father, if there is no other way than this… I’m ready. Do it your way.”

as i read this it felt like one of those times when you’re in a small group of people, and there’s some tasks that need to be divided up. you know there’s really only one person in the group that can adequately get the job done in the right way in the right time frame, but you put it out there to everybody hoping that this one person steps forward.

obviously Jesus was the only one who could step forward to take on the task of reconciling sinful men and women to a holy God. there was no other option. there were no other takers. there was no other remedy.

and so he willfully, intentionally, submissively, and courageously took the fall for you and i.



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