Prayer Does Stuff

i posted yesterday about last weekend’s hunger for hope event and how some students now believe in prayer. here’s what happened:

at the end of the event, Todd told the teens how we had planned in advance to skype mozambique so that we could see and hear each other during the event. as leaders, this was the part of the event that we were probably most excited about to really drive home the connection. our friend Ercilio was the guy on the ground organizing it to make it possible, but he got very sick with malaria and was unable to see it through. for our students and leaders who have been on the 2 trips before, Ercilio is a dear friend and high level leader in many parts of the project, and for us to hear that he was sick and not doing well brought us to our knees really quick. Todd mentioned this at about 6:00, and then we all united in prayer for Ercilio’s health at that time.

many went home from the event with heavy hearts… knowing that even though money was raised, it didn’t change the fact that a close friend may not make it through the night. this is the reality every day for so many in third-world countries, but this time it was up close and personal.

Todd spoke to the teens at both services the next day, and as he started the message, he brought up on the screen an email he just received from Ercilio. in the email, Ercilio stated how God awakened him at around midnight to let him know it’d be ok. and then by 6 in the morning, he was feeling much better. the medicine was beginning to do it’s work, and he is on the mend!

but then Todd reminded us of the time change. mozambique is 6 hours ahead of us!!! so… when we prayed at 6pm on Saturday night, that’s the very time when God awakened him to let him know he’d be ok!  and as people with heavy hearts went home continuing to pray, God began healing him of the deadly virus!

some students now believe in prayer… and as the pastor of these students, i’m beyond thrilled right now!


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