Hunger For Hope 2011

i’m still trying to wind down from the emotional high of this past weekend’s Hunger For Hope event. (if you missed the video previously posted, you can view it here). our students’ ongoing commitment to making a global difference in this world blows me away!  here’s why it was such a great event:

  • over 70 JH, SH, & college students went without food for 30 hours in order to raise funds for people who live on $1 a day or less, and they shared the experience over the weekend in our church building!
  • over $4,000 (and still counting) has come in… and 100% of the proceeds will get on the ground in a couple weeks!
  • the money is going to real people in Dondo, Mozambique – people that we’ve already built relationships with through Children’s Relief International. people like this little guy that i met last summer, and this fellow pastor that i respect so much. our church has sent 2 teams there already, and a third team will be be there this summer to see with their own eyes the difference weekends like this truly make! the connect is personal and real… and our students felt it!
  • many students started a commitment (or re-affirmed their previous commitment) to our student ministry’s 3 sponsored kids (again, who live in Dondo, Mozambique). for these teens, it’s not just a one weekend event, but a year-long investment and deep partnership.
  • the story of one student who only got 3 hours of sleep friday night because he couldn’t stop thinking about the kids in mozambique who were hungry along with him.
  • some students now believe in prayer. (more on this one later!)

i’m so thankful for our team of adult leaders, for Ann Frey heading the whole event up, and for Todd & Christa Bush sharing their weekend with us!



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