3 Sentences That Give Students Hope

many of our students that know me well know that there are a few lines i repeat a lot. to them it may sound old and they probably feel like i need some new material.  and i probably do…

but there’s at least one line worth repeating, because it gives hope to hurting students. it was told to me many times in my teenage years by people close to me and it gave me hope to push through the crap i had created in my life.

just the other day i got to dish out this favorite of mine, and i trust that it gave hope to this student in their moment of hurt:

“i just want you to know, i don’t think any less of you now that you’ve shared that. in fact, i think more highly of you now because of your honesty and courage. i’m not going anywhere.”

obviously it’s not the words itself that give hope, but the actions and follow through afterwards… but nonetheless it feels pretty powerful. are there other lines that you’ve used to give hope to hurting people in your world?


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