A Protestant Church Helps To Understand Roman Catholicism

A Protestant Church Helps To Understand Roman Catholicism

last week around 80,000 postcards hit the mailboxes of residents in greece, hilton, spencerport, and brockport promoting a new series that starts this coming sunday called “Understanding Roman Catholicism”!

as you can imagine… a protestant church helping the community “understand” roman catholicism is bound to create some controversy and raise some eyebrows… and it certainly has already.  the emails and phonecalls have been coming in, and spiritual warfare is well underway. but if i could serve anywhere, i’d want it to be somewhere that shows up on the enemy’s radar, and i love it that Lakeshore is one of those places!

here’s a little more info on the series and a video from Pastor Vince:

if you have ever wanted to understand Roman Catholic teaching in light of the Bible, you’re not alone.  many people wrestle with what it all means and how much it applies to their life today.  in this thought-provoking series, we’re taking a careful look at Roman Catholic teaching from history, councils, quotes of leaders, and official catechisms and will compare them to the appropriate verses in the Bible.

we think you’ll be intrigued by the comparison and learn more about both in the process.  our promise…  no Catholic bashing because we believe people matter to God.  our request…  have an open mind and then reach your own informed conclusions.

  • What Are The Similarities (04/03/2011)
  • What Are The Differences – Part 1 (04/10/2011)
  • What Are The Differences – Part 2 (04/17/2011)

i invited someone today to come check out the series when i went to get my back adjusted at the chiropractor. if you’re a lakeshore person have you invited anyone yet? feel free to share this post via twitter or facebook and help get the word out!


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